Benefits of Paint Protection Film

We specialize in Paint protection film installations and we providing the peace of mind, that comes with a premium paint protection film. Maybe you’ve never considered the many benefits of paint protection film also known as Clear Bra.

When you drive a sports car or a luxury vehicle, you'll want to make every effort to preserve the paint. Especially against the elements such as Scratches, rocks chips and bird droppings.

It's a good idea to invest in protecting your vehicle's exterior. It's better resolve now than suffering damage that will be more expensive to repair in the future.


Discover the ways it can save you money and extend the life and value of your vehicle. Your vehicles paint job does more than keep it looking new and shiny. It also serves as a skin that protects the metal and other surfaces from destructive wear and tear.

Without Paint Protection film your vehicle paint job is exposed to possible damage from:

  • Bird droppings, full of acids that will stain through the paint clear coat.
  • Tree sap, especially difficult to remove, and full of acids that will stain your car paint
  • Road salt, which causes corrosion to paint surface and metals
  • Road oil and tar, likely to splash up during warm months when roads are being repaved and the heat loosens materials that stick to paint..
  • UV rays from the sun that burn through paint.
  • Seals your vehicles paint to keep scratches or bubbles from allowing moisture in, which leads to spread of corrosion and eventually rust.
  • Reflects back light and UV rays to reduce sun damage

Paint Protection film makes car care easy

Applying Paint protection film when the vehicle is brand new is the best way to protect your paint. Paint protection film will keep your vehicle’s paint brand new for many years. When the time comes to sell or trade in your car will appreciate the higher dollar value since you have a brand new exterior

Paint protection film repels dust build-up on your car, so windy days can’t cause unsightly build-up. Then, when it’s time to wash your car, it’s a much easier job.

To wash your vehicle just rinse or use a soft dust cloth over the surface.

You’ll feel good about conserving the extra water. Especially because it is difficult to preserve the gloss of a vehicle after years of use, even with regularly washing and polishing.

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